We help investors understand the value of their investment through asset analysis and chashflow forecasts.


We are a specialist company that works with unlisted, distressed debt securities such as loan notes, corporate mini bonds and fractional investments.

We offer our significant experience in dealing with all types of asset-backed transactions, collateralised loan obligations and project finance transactions.

Specialists in unlisted debt securities

Broadleaf Assist is a dedicated team of experts in unlisted debt securities, such as loan notes, corporate mini-bonds and fractional investments working with both investors and issuers, especially those in distress.
We are experienced in complex deal structures, including asset-backed transactions, collateralised loan obligations, and project finance transactions. We provide robust and timely professional advice that allows our clients to act swiftly when opportunities or difficulties arise.

Our Process

Understanding value by providing a cashflow forecast for the remaining life of the investment

Consolidate Investors into single assistance group

Review Investment to see if there is a viable recovery strategy 

Recovery process may require obtaining security and asset valuations, legal opinions, employing the services of insolvency professionals etc

Distribution of recovered assets to investors within assistance group less our fee


Have you invested in debt, such as a corporate bond or a loan note either in cash or in a pension and want to exit/sell that investment?

Have you received no communication from the issuer and don’t know how much your investment is worth?

Is your investment in default and you have not received your yield payment or had your capital returned?

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Have you issued debt that has become too expensive to service?

Do you need to replace or appoint an independent security trustee?

Is your debt already in default?

Do you have a large group of debt holders that is hard to manage?

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Are you a security trustee and need support exercising your rights in a distressed situation?

Do you need a security trustee that understands the unlisted debt market and can bring expertise to a distressed situation?

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